Tuck Shop

The Canteen is run by a Coordinator but relies on volunteers to assist during lunchtime and recess. We aim to provide nutritious food at reasonable prices.

Opening times are advertised in the school newsletter. Please click the pdf file below for a price list. Order bags can be purchased through the Canteen, otherwise families may provide their own. Students place their orders in the Canteen  containers located in the classroom in the morning.

Parents have the option of ordering and paying for their child's lunch on Canteen  lunch days - Tuesdays and Fridays - using the mobile app Qkr - by 8.15am (see instructions below).

Students should not be given large amounts of money to spend at the Tuck Shop. Once a term specialty days are run with the help of volunteers so that the students can try new foods.

 Canteen Price List Term 3 & 4 2018.pdf

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